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Living in an Abusive Relationship – When is it Time to Quit?

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A relationship is supposed to be full of love and happiness. It is the dream of all people to succeed in finding a perfect partner regardless of which way they use to meet and hook up. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are times when a relationship is not working. Abusive relationships are on the rise, yet many people just cannot just walk away from them. If you are a victim of an abusive relationship, it is important to know when it is the right time to leave.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Lack of Respect – It starts as a small issue and rapidly escalates into something else. When one partner starts disrespecting the other in one of many ways, abuse starts immediately.

Violence – It is unfortunate that a person can raise a fist against their partner. Some people start by abusing the other verbally, and soon this will result in physical violence. There are numerous cases where people have killed their partner in such issues.

Exploitation – There are many ways in which a person can exploit their partner, including sexually. Sadly, such people are not after a serious relationship, but have other motives. Financial exploitation in a relationship is also common.

When is the Right Time to Leave?

After seeing the above signs or one of many others, you need to break off the relationship quickly. People suffer quietly in a relationship because they do not have the courage to leave. Others feel like being single will cause more suffering than when they hold onto a relationship, no matter how abusive it is.

According to advice from Happymatches, a website that helps people of different age groups to hook up, one must be keen to look for signs of abuse and leave as soon as they are evident. It is not important to hold onto hope that things will be okay since it may end up bringing along bigger problems.

How to Quit an Abusive Relationship

Inform Your Partner – Before leaving an abusive relationship, it is critical that you inform your partner of your plans. As much as they may seem like they do not care, telling them will end the relationship in a peaceful way. According to wedding counselors, you should only run away if the relationship threatens your life. Discussing your departure plans can provoke more violence.

Give Reasons for Quitting – As you leave, it is crucial to clearly tell your partner the reasons why you cannot stay any longer. It may help them when handling their next relationship. Better still, it will ease the burden and anger in your heart.

Be Open-Minded – There is a need to be open-minded as you leave your abusive relationship. Some partners may learn a lesson and seek reconciliation. Other people may want to get into another relationship as soon as they heal from the heartbreak. With an open mind, getting over this situation will be an easy task.

According to reports, abusive relationships are the worst nightmare for many people. Most will opt to get out of the relationship as soon as signs appear. The insights above will act as a guide.