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The Doxy 3 Die Cast Massager

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager,is the smaller version of the Doxy Die Cast model. It is definitely the smaller and lighter version of the traditional Doxy massager, too.  This smaller Doxy has the same functions and features of the other Doxy wands, but the smaller size makes it easier to maneuver and handle.  Still with the same polished aluminum and titanium alloy metal body, it has been molded in the die cast machine using a high-pressure injection.

Product Functions and Features

This Doxy massager is 28cm in length and a diameter of 4.5cm. This smaller version of the same powerful wand is ideal for those who find the traditional Doxy wandsawkward to use or those who prefer something portable.  Small as it is, the effect is still the same, with the same powerful motor that provides strong vibrations and wonderful sensations just like the traditional Doxy.

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager also comes with a simple and easy to use interface, with the three buttons, the power, the plus, and the minus, which lights up with its blue LED lights inside. Lighter than the original Die Cast Model, it is more convenient to bring and play around. You can use this mini Doxy for whatever pleasure you want – both for men and women. The functions provide a variety of level of pressures with an escalating pulse setting that you can adjust.

To use this Doxy, you need to plug it directly into the wall power socket. Since the power source is direct from the power plug, the power of this toy is much more intense and remarkable. Like all other Doxy wands, this mini vibrator uses power supply unit of high standards. It is very safe to use and you can use it wherever part of the world you may be. It comes with an Australian plug with a ten feet cord, which is long enough for ease and convenience. With its size, you can take it during your travels and use it in a discreet way.

Material and Care

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager head covering is made of hypoallergenic, body safe and non-porous material.  Its head covering provides very comfortable, gentle and cushioned contact surface, but stays powerful.

To clean the Doxy #3 Die cast Massager is the same as cleaning the original Doxy, which is with the use of warm water with a little mild soap or a good quality sex toy cleaner. The body can be easily cleaned as well, by just wiping it with a damp cloth. Do not wash or soak this Doxy in water while cleaning it and make sure it is unplugged. Keep in mind that this massager is plugged directly to the wall power plug, so do not use this in the bath,shower or any other water source.