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Why buying more than one doll is of an advantage ?

You must be a proud owner of a love doll considering that you are reading this article. If not, there is a good chance that purchasing one of these gorgeous companions has been on your mind of late. Don’t wait any longer, just go for it. And I promise you that you would never regret it. These beautiful love dolls are here and here to stay for now. More and more men are choosing to spend their time with these lovely lasses than chasing strange skirts on the streets to no end. So why think twice and thirst, purchase first and come back to the article.

Now that the stragglers and hagglers are dealt with, hearty congratulations to all the proud doll owners across this universe as not many would know the source of the twinkle in that eye and the skip in those steps.  There is a question which has cropped up of late and wanting of an answer.

Is it better to own more than one doll?

Well, hell yeah!

A lot of men these days are going towards the ownership of more than a single doll. Not only for the soul reason of variety and purpose considering only the fun aspects. Sure it’s good to have more than one lovely companion as it gives room for tastes and experiments alike. A brunette and a blonde companion, ebony or ivory, a Japanese school girl alongside a hot Cali fornicated MILF or even a baseball curvier pitted against a gothic goddesses. There is so much to experiment and experience as a lover. These lovely dames come with the desired cup size, heights and figures in manner that would keep the basest of those temptations alive. Not to mention the time spent showering and enjoying recreational values with more than one companion which often proves difficult in real life. After all, the common theory in an old school three-way is that somebody always gets hurt in the process for the sake of attention alone. Not in this case, buddy. These lovely dames simply love to share.

However, owning more than one doll improves not only the quality of life for the owner but that of the doll as well considering that it alleviates the load, eases the pressures of use, wear and tear on a single doll and thus increases the life span and quality over a longer period of time. This way the benefit is extended to every-body within the span of the bedroom. The owners are happier considering the increased benefit of fantasizing new games and creativity of the play whereas the dolls live a much healthier and happier lives and last for a lifetime in fact.

Dressing up one doll is indeed fun. But considering has the benefit of dressing two or more dolls. Wouldn’t that spark your imagination and fantasies for the next few weeks? Everyone knows the excitement of new lingerie considering the promises of the experience alone. It is bound to take your nightlife over leaps and bounds and the memories alone last forever.

Not to mention, the fun filled nights of experiencing the good old fashioned ménage de trois? An amazing passionate night sandwiched between two of the most gorgeous fantasies of your very choosing. A night of fun filled frolic and love making that would put every act of love and desire to the back burner. Go ahead as after all sky is the limit. There is a wonderful range of these real sex dolls. So why not try a new experience for one. A B & W night per say?