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Adult Stars’ Work-Parenting Balance

Adult performers are struggling with the same work-life balance as everyone else. Let’s see how they balance their adult work and parenting. Also, let’s discover how adult merchants can get a secure and low cost escort merchant account without difficulty.

Workers & Their Kids: Escort Merchant Account

Are you wondering whether adult workers’ children are okay with their parents being in the adult industry? Do they know what their parents do? Well, recently, there was a thread on Reddit about all these things.

Specifically, it was about how adult starts’ children felt about their parents, and what they told was quite surprising. One of the respondents said that by age 14 or 15 he realized his mother didn’t have a normal job. He saw a video with his mom in. That’s how he revealed what she was doing.

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How Stars Balance Work & Parenting

StarPenny Barbersays her kids know how to respect privacy. Unlike other parents, she has to worry about this much. E.g., if she’s on her computer, her kids won’t approach her without asking for permission. Barber adds she can’t get involved with her children’s school. So, she doesn’t volunteer and avoids engaging with other parents. The main reason is to avoid rumors.

Another star, Kiki Daire,has drawn a strict line between what she does and parenting. Daire says she has kept her kid away from her adult work during his childhood. So, he wouldn’t even come to Los Angeles,where she was working,until the age of 18. Daireadds that being a parent isn’t an easy thing at all, especially for those who’re in the adult space. To her, the most important thing is that adult workerscan raise well-adjusted and happy kids.

As for male stars, Manuel Ferrara has 4 kids. Ferrarasays, as a dad, you know the day will come when you have to talk to your kids about all this, and this conversation should be from you. You shouldn’t let your kids hear it from others or watch adult movies and see their parents performing there. Also, it’s important to avoid this conversation at a younger age since they’ll get you wrong.  

As another adult star says, she loves her kid more than anything and is ready to do anything for her kid. However, she’s still her own person.Balancing work and parenting is extremely difficult, especially for those in the adult industry.Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker that can get you the most secure and cheapest escort merchant account with ease. He’s just as passionate about his business as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.