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Plan a Getaway trip to Barcelona!

If you are planning a vacation and want to go somewhere new and different, Barcelona in Spain is the place for you. Even if you can get away only for a long weekend, Barcelona offers you the experience of a lifetime. From sightseeing the cultural hubs to shopping in the traditional markets to exploring the nightlife with VIP Barcelona clubs, there is a gamut of experiences that you can have in this city.

Barcelona is a city on the coast, making its climate very pleasant and salubrious. You can easily take a stroll on its beaches, and then explore the old world charm of its medieval quarters and the Modernist architecture, which you find throughout the city. Barcelona also has a happening nightlife with numerous clubs and bars.


Barcelona is known as the city of Gaudi – Antoni Gaudi’s Surrealistic architecture dots all parts of the city. There is the jaw-dropping Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, the church which was never completed. This is full of Gaudi’s touches, where nothing looks like it has been constructed, but instead like they have ‘grown’. Another of Gaudi’s must-see architecture is in the Casa Mila, also known as le Pedrera or the Stone Quarry.

This building again does not appear to be a building at all but looks like a quarry where windows and balconies have been carved out of the stone. There are no straight lines but curves and twines and natural shapes. The Parc Guell is another of Gaudi’s masterpieces – A fantastic park which looks like a place in fantasyland complete with a riot of colours and whimsical shapes.


For the football fans, there is the Stadium of Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona FC. If you are a hardcore fan, you must plan a visit when a match is on. And apart from the cultural and artistic landmarks, you must visit the beach – La Barcenoleta Beach, a stunning location considering Barcelona is situated along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Shopping and Nightlife

Las Ramblas is the social hub of the city. In the daytime, you can find little art shops from which you can get souvenirs. There are cafes where you can get a bite to eat and also impromptu musical performances by street performers. Once the sun goes down, you will find numerous bars and clubs to party. You can catch a performance of Flamenco, or for the ones with more raunchy tastes, there is the VIP strip club in Barcelona.

For a romantic getaway with your partner or a family vacation, Barcelona is the place to go to- full of culture, romance, fun and excitement.